Bothered and bewildered by the relationship between the environment and the human race, Johnsey's work aims to record, document and comment on our existence, our habits and our impact. 

Johnsey records the daily rituals and societal interfaces of people, as well as his experience of an ever changing environment.  He almost obsessively documents his surroundings through a collection of reportage drawings and paintings, poetry and sound recordings, later picking through his findings in his studio practice. Immersing himself in everyday situations by looking, listening and questioning to gather material, he aims to capture the moments that most reflect his personal concerns for our twenty-first century human condition.

With an increasingly quickening pace of life, and an ever growing list of global humanitarian and environmental issues, Johnsey questions our blinkered existence and counts himself amongst many of us, guilty of passive spectatorship.

Highlighting significant happenings, from the mundane rituals of a daily routine to the impetuous climate, Johnsey plucks key moments from his day.  He observes objects, the atmosphere and human interaction, highlighting details that may otherwise go unnoticed.